Dinner and Bikes! Do you have your tickets?!

Just 3 more days! Do you have your tickets to Dinner and Bikes?


Dinner and Bikes, a traveling road show of bicycle inspiration, is coming to Revolutions Bicycle CoOp, at First Congregational Church on May 20, 2015 from 7-10p.m. 

This will be a great event to talk about equity in transportation in Memphis and around the country.

We’ll have complimentary, indoor bike valet. And we’ll raffle a cool overhauled bike.

Tickets are $30.




Revolutions on Choose 901

Choose 901 did an awesome video on Revolutions. Check it out here. And then come into the shop for classes, rides, bikes and more!!


Did you get a bike this weekend?


Hopefully you already heard that the Memphis Bicycle Co. on Summer is having a liquidation sale, this weekend. Many of those bikes are new and never ridden. But all of those bikes have been sitting in that shop for years and years. It won’t come as a surprise to you, dear reader, that vintage bikes need new rubber and grease to run smoothly. If you need a tune-up to your new treasure, bring it in! You can do it yourself or pay us to do it for you!!


Flowers for Bikes on Broad

The next Bikes on Broad is Thursday, May 28. Meet up at 5:15 p.m. at our Revolutions’ Bike Gate, on Cooper. 11210468_686125428179807_3286447046321238945_n

This month, the City wants to count people on bikes with baskets or racks. And there are extra points for flowers! Revolutions has 7 bikes with baskets, if you need to rent one. And the farmers from Roots Memphis said they could make us some bouquets. They’re checking on a price, but they assured me they could do bouquets for $8 or less. We’ll need to put in an order by Tuesday, May 26. So email me if you want in!

For the ride, we’ll meet at Revolutions at 5:15 and then ride over to the Overton Park Bike Gate, to meet up with more folks. Then we’ll roll down the Hampline to join in the fun at the Rec Room. A food truck will be available. Or bring a snack supper, to eat. The Rec Room serves beer. And you can read more details here.

Shop Hours and Holidays

  • Thursday – Sunday, 2:00 to 6:00 p.m.
    • These Open Shop hours are for retail, rentals & service for the public; and Open Shop for members
    • We hold classes and more on Monday and Thursday evenings
      • Check the calendar for what’s happening
  • Shop Event and Holiday Closings
    • Open Shop will also be closed:
      • Sunday, May 17, for Women’s Bike Chat (That’s TODAY!)
      • Sunday, May 24, for Memorial Day Weekend
      • Monday, May 25, for Memorial Day

More Bike Month Fun

  • Sunday, May 17, 2:00 p.m., TODAY!
    • Women’s Bike Chat with Special Guest Speaker Suzanne Carlson
      • Ms. Carlson is Memphis’ new Transportation and Mobility Project Manager of the Mayor’s Institute for Excellence in Government. She’ll talk about where she’s been and what projects she will be working on here.
      • Bring your bike so that, if the weather is nice, we can take a short ride, together. All Revolutions sponsored rides require helmets!
  • Monday, May 18, 6:30 p.m.
    • Basic Bike Assessment
      • Gain an understanding of the different systems on your bicycle.  Make sure your bike is in good working order and safe to ride.  We’ll also include some good cycling tricks-of-the-trade for making it easier to stay on your saddle. And you’ll come away with an idea of what you might like to update or fix up on your bike.
      • This class is for Revolutions members, only. Not a member of Revolutions, yet? You can join when you sign up, or when you arrive, for the class!
  • Wednesday, May 20, 7:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, May 23, 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
    • Revolutions in the Cooper Young Community Farmers’ Market!
      • Have flat tire? We can fix it!
      • Want to know more about Revolutions? We can help!
  • Thursday, May 28, 5:15 p.m.
    • Bikes on Broad theme: Bikes with Baskets and Racks
      • This month, the City wants to count people on bikes with baskets or racks. And there are extra points for flowers! Revolutions has 7 bikes with racks. We’ll ask the farmers from the CY Farmers’ Market if they could sell us some pretty flowers.
      • So, join us Thursday, May 28 at 5:15, outside the Revolutions’ Bike Gate, on Cooper, with your own bikes with baskets and flowers, or borrow one of ours, and we’ll ride over together for this whimsical ride.
  • Saturday, May 30, All Morning!
    • We’re helping the City of Memphis unveil a program for Senior to take group rides on some IMG_0818Easy Riders. And, we were asked to host a Kid’s Bike Rodeo.
      • We need volunteers to be:
        • Greeters/Crowd directors
        • Tricycle riders
        • Bike Rodeo set up
        • Bike Rodeo station hosts
        • Bike Rodeo Clean-up
      • Want to help? Email Sylvia!


This Saturday’s group ride to Operation Crosstown’s Outdoor Bike Repair Station Installation has been postponed. But don’t worry. There are plenty of other great things happening around Memphis that you can ride to, this weekend. And we’ll let you know when this ride gets rescheduled. Lots of exciting bike and fitness opportunities are coming to the Crosstown neighborhood!

May Is Bike Month

Greetings All,

It’s only the 3rd of May and we’ve already had a busy month. You can find pictures, at the end. But first, check out this calendar of what’s going on at Revolutions, this month!

Bike Month Calendar

You can read more about our classes and events, and sign up, here.

Please note that Group Rides, Women’s Bike Chat and our classes all happen at, or start from, the Shop. And we’re open for Open Shop Thursday through Sunday, 2:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Please also note: We’ll be CLOSED on Mother’s Day. Take Mom for a bike ride!

You can read about other Bike Month happenings around Memphis, here.

And for a recap of what we’ve been up to:

On Thursday, we took a Bike Gang to the Bikes on Broad ride. The theme was Cargo Bikes, and we took five!!

RevolutionsRecRoom16 RevolutionsRecRoom19

We joined up with others, at the Overton Park Bike Gate and saw these riders:


And, the Overhaul Class was in their fourth session: Wheel Truing.

RevolutionsRecRoom47 RevolutionsRecRoom49

On Friday, we had an awesome Open House!! Have you been by the Shop, lately?


And on Saturday, we hung out on the Greensward with the Latino Memphis Festival. Que bueno!!

And there’s lots more to come. Check out the Calendar. You can also sign up for classes and Dinner and Bikes by following this link. And join us soon for a ride, class, chat or dinner!!

And Don’t Forget our next Group Ride:

Bike Repair Station Installation Day, Saturday, May 9. Meet 10:00 a.m. at the Revolutions Bike Gate to ride to Operation Crossstown. After the repair station is installed, we’ll lead a short neighborhood ride and then head back to Revolutions.


This Thursday’s Bikes on Broad ride is not going to the Arcade. It’s headed to the Rec Room, on Broad. So here are the correct details:

Bikes on Broad: Thursday, April 30. Meet up at 5:15 p.m. at Revolutions, on Cooper. We’ll ride to the Bike Gate at Overton Park, to meet up with more folks. And then roll down the Hampline to join in the fun at the Rec Room. Or bring a snack supper and drinks and will have a picnic. You can read more details here.

New Hours, Festivals and an Open House

We’re open, so come and see us!!!

Revolutions’ new hours are:

Thursday through Sunday 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. These hours are for everything: members can come for Open Shop. And we’re also open for rentals, service and more!

We are also still open Monday and Thursday evenings, 6:30 to 9:00 for classes, demolition nights and other volunteer opportunities for our members. Check the calendar for more info.

Join us for Open Shop, Today, 2-6! and Demolition Night, tomorrow, 6:30 to 9:00!

Week 13


Open House and T-shirt Party!!

We want you to come and see us. We’re having an Open House this Friday, May 1st from 5:30 to 7:30. We’ll be outside, in front of our Bike Gate. And you can go in and take a tour. This will be a great day to be in Cooper-Young because it’s the CY 1st Friday Art Walk. So, get out, stop by the Shop and check out our new tools.

Plus, we’ve changed our logo. So now’s your chance to get the last of our I Bike Mphs shirts. Get yours before they’re gone!!


Latino Memphis Festival


We are headed out to Overton Park on Saturday, May 2 for the Latino Memphis Festival. We’re riding the Rental Fleet and joining in on salsa tasting, kids activities, arts and crafts and more. This will be a great event to ride your bike to. Get more information here. Hey, it’s free!


Bikes on Broad

The City of Memphis is participating in a national competition with other US cities to determine which city is the best for everyday bicycle riding. The measure of this quality is being determined using a little bit of whimsy – counting people doing everyday things on their bikes.

The City has chosen to conduct the counts along Broad Avenue between Tillman Street and Hollywood Street where a newly paved section just received a two-way cycle track as part of the ongoing Hampline construction.

This month, the City wants to count people on cargo bikes and bikes with trailers. Revolutions has 5 cargo bike!. Let’s take them out on this ride. Email me if you want to rent one of ours. And then join us Thursday, April 30 at 5:15, outside the Bike Gate with cargo bikes and bikes with trailers, and we’ll ride over together for this whimsical ride.


Revolutions by Bike

First TN Bank invited us to participate in their employee Day of Health. But we hated to drive our things over to Overton Park to set up a booth. So, we hooked up a side-car to the Xtracycle and loaded up the Madsen and away we went. A whole information booth on two cargo bikes. Whoo hoo!!!


Upcoming Group Rides:

Bikes on Broad: Thursday, April 30. Meet 5:15 p.m. at the Revolutions Bike Gate on Cooper. Bring snack supper and drinks, or join in at the Arcade.

Outdoor Repair Station Installation Day, Saturday, May 9. Meet 10:00 a.m. at the Revolutions Bike Gate to ride to the Crosstown Building. After the repair station is installed, we’ll lead a short neighborhood ride and then head back to Revolutions.

1st Congo Goes Platinum!

BFB Platinum

Midtown Memphis Church Goes Platinum

Memphis continues to gain national attention for its bicycle activities as First Congregational Church in the Cooper-Young neighborhood was declared a Bicycle Friendly Business at the Platinum Level by the League of American Bicyclists. The church joins a list of 950 visionary businesses nationwide, sharing the designation with such companies as Facebook and Target.

Home of the Revolutions Bicycle Cooperative, First Congregational has been dedicated to encouraging Memphians to ride bicycles for exercise, transportation and fun for more than a decade.

First Congo received the Platinum Level designation (the highest possible!) on its first application. This celebrates the church’s work in providing a setting where congregation members, the thirty shared space partners within the building and all other people who use the church’s facilities are encouraged and offered amenities to enable them to bicycle to events and worship services.

The church and its members have been advocates for more bicycle lanes throughout the city. Its Revolutions Bicycle Co-Op organizes regular rides and classes to help more children and adults in Memphis make bicycling part of their daily routines.

“Churches are recognizing the need to support healthy lifestyles, and cycling is certainly a part of that,” says Senior Pastor Rev. Cheryl Cornish. “Bicycles offer a low-cost, reliable and environmentally-friendly mode of transportation. We’re excited to see Memphis becoming a bicycle-friendly city and are honored by this designation of our contributions to that effort.”

First Congregational Church is located at 1000 South Cooper. For more information on the church’s bicycle co-op (Revolutions) contact Executive Director Sylvia Crum at 278-6786, ext. 9 or www.revolutionsmemphis.com . Additional information about the League of American Bicyclists and their Bicycle Friendly Business awards may be found at www.bikeleague.org.




Chats, Rodeos and our new Repair Shop Manager!

It’s Women’s Bike Chat, Today at 2:00

Will it still be raining or will the sun come out? Join us either way, in the Shop for a chat. We’re talking about Elly Blue’s book, Bikenomics: How Bicycling Can Save the Economy. Don’t worry if you didn’t read the book. I’m sure there will be plenty to discuss.

If the weather isn’t too soggy, we’ll take a ride afterwards, so bring your bike. Or rent one of ours!

Wheelwomen Switchboard

Ladies, do you know about Wheelwomen Switchboard? It’s a super online community of women who like bicycles. I was featured, on their blog this week, because Wheelwomen helped me get to Bike School.

Snowden Bike Rodeo

Thanks to Healthy Snowden committee for inviting us over to put on a Bike Rodeo. And thanks to our partner, International Paper, for helping us put it on. The weather turned beautiful. Some Revolutions members rode over on our new Rental Fleet. And fifty kids came out, to ride the course.

IMG_0934 IMG_0930 IMG_0939

Dinner and Bikes, May 20thdinnerandbikes2

Elly Blue and friends are coming to Memphis, in one month for Dinner and Bikes. Get your tickets here. Tell your friends!

Repair Shop Manager!

Photo by Brandon Dill

Photo by Brandon Dill

Welcome to David Evans, our new full-time Repair Shop Manager. David has already had a big impact on the Shop. He set up our new tool sets and jumped right in to teaching classes. He has lots of great ideas for classes and new ways to use our Shop.

Because of David’s new full-time position, Revolutions will  soon be able to open for more hours. We hope this will allow Revolutions members more time work on their own bikes. We will also be able to offer more hours for anyone to come in to get their bike serviced. We’re figuring out what those new hours will look like. So, stay tuned!!


Flat Fix Class, Tomorrow!

It’s riding season, when it’s not raining. So, join us for a great class on how to avoid flats and deal with them when they happen. Fix a Flat is a benefit of membership at Revolutions. So, join today!


Demolition Night, Next Week!

Join us on Monday, April 27 for Demolition Night, from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. This is a night to work through our donated bikes to find parts worth saving, and scrap headed for the scrap heap. Work on this night will also help us keep our stock of used parts sorted and available.

This is a great night for new members to participate in because we’re just breaking down bikes, so you don’t have to worry about breaking something!


As an added bonus, you can now earn Revolutions Bucks when you participate in Demolition Night. These coins are good towards the purchase of any of our ready-to-overhaul bicycle frames, a bike rental or as a guest pass for a day in the Shop.

Demolition Night is open to all Revolutions members. Not a member, yet? You can always buy a membership, when you arrive at the Shop.

Hours & Info

901-278-6786, ext. 9
Thurs-Sun: 2:00pm-6:00pm

Mondays: 6:30pm-9:00pm (check calendar for what is happening!)

Thursdays: 6:30pm-9:00pm (check calendar for what is happening!)

Wee Ride Memphis

Family-friendly rides

Women’s Bike Chat

Find out more on our Facebook group, listed as: "Revolutions' Bike Chat. For women/womyn/ladies/gals/etc."

Twitter Updates

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