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Nice to Bicycles Businesses

These business are nice to people on bicycles. Ride there and say thanks!

  • Sherwin Williams, 1964 Madison Ave
    • Very friendly to me and the kids while we were on our bike. They let me park inside. They’re on the Madison Ave. bike lane. We hope they’ll get a strong bike rack.
    • Added January 2015
  • Gus’s Fried Chicken–Downtown, 310 S. Front St
    • On June 15, 2015 eighteen of us rode to Gus’s Downtown for dinner. Though they do not have a bicycle rack, the Gus’s employees were very kind to us. They suggested that we lock up the bikes to the fence next door. This worked, though it is not an ideal way to secure bicycles. We were very appreciative that they take reservations for groups larger than 10 because after our ride from Cooper-Young, we were all hungry! Though not located on a bike lane, they are in a part of Downtown that is very easy to ride through.
    • Added June 2015
  • Pyros Fire Fresh Pizza– 2035 Union Ave
    • Pyros Fire Fresh Pizza, on Union Ave, is receiving our Nice to Bicycles rating. I have not yet eaten there. But we bank at the Regions, next door. Their bike rack behind the restaurant is very helpful for locking up my bike when I visit the bank. We thank Pyros for putting in a sturdy and secure rack. We are encouraging them to add a second rack to the front of their property. We mentioned that bicyclists in town would like to know that you are friendly to people on bikes. And we also said that, when we lock up our bikes, we like for them to be in a highly visible location. We think that a bike rack in front is a good signal, to anyone thinking to ride to your location, that bicycles are welcome!
    • They have a good bike rack!
    • Added June 2015
  • Pho Phoung Long, 306 N. Cleveland
    • Though they do not have a bicycle rack, they are always so nice to my family about bring our cargo bike inside the restaurant. We wanted to share our love of their excellent food, so we chose Phoung Long for our July 8, 2015 Bike to Dinner ride. The group of almost 20 folks had a great time!!! Phoung Long has a great location, especially now that Operation Crosstown is happening. Revolutions encourages them to consider installing a good, secure bike rack outside. This would make it even easier for folks to ride their bicycles to your shop.
    • Added July 2015
  • Regions Bank, 2053 Union Ave
    • Regions previously had a policy that reserved the drive-through window for cars and trucks, only. However, after riding up to the window, twice, and speaking to the managers, Regions changed their policy! The branch at Union and Cooper is now ready to receive business on bicycles. We are still working on encouraging them to install a sturdy bike rack. But way to go Regions for changing your policy to become Nice to Bicycles!!
    • Added July 2015
  • Blue Nile Ethiopian Kitchen, 1788 Madison Ave
    • We chose Blue Nile for our July 22nd Bike to Dinner ride. The whole group (all 32 of us!) had a great time!!! Blue Nile has a great location, along the Madison bike lane. We encourage them to consider installing a good, secure bike rack outside to make it even easier for folks to ride their bicycles to their restaurant.
    • Added August 2015
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