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Rental Bikes

We Rent Bikes! Fleet58

In an effort to get more folks on bicycles, Revolutions now rents two types of bicycles. We have fun, easy to ride City Bikes great for exploring Memphis.

And we now also offer Family Cargo Bikes. What is a Family Cargo Bike? It’s a bike made and geared to haul a lot of weight. And it is outfitted to safely carry from 2 to 4 children, or one or two extra adults, or even a dog!!! But you don’t just have to use these bikes for the kiddos. Our Cargo Bikes can also carry other types of cargo, like gardening supplies or lots and lots of groceries. See our online listing for all the styles we offer.

How to Rent:

All of our bikes are listed, online. Go here to see our bikes, make a reservation and pay. And we’ll meet you at Revolutions to get you rolling!

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Daily Rentals:

City Bikes for $25/day

Family Cargo Bikes for $45/day

(Please note, prices are subject to change).

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