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How to Get a Bike

  • Work on Volunteer Nights, get Revolutions Bucks!IMG_0001_2

    • IMG_0858Occasionally, Revolutions has tasks that need doing. When we do, we host Volunteer Nights. Volunteers can  collect “Revolutions Bucks” coins for a volunteer session worked. These coins, worth 10 Revolutions Bucks, can be used to purchase one of our bikes in need of overhaul.
    • 5 sessions earns a bike to be overhauled
    • You must be a current Revolutions Member to work a Volunteer Night.


  • Buy an Overhaul’d bike from us for between $150 and $350

    • These bikes are ready to ride and raise money for our programs


  • Buy a bike that needs overhauling for $50, plus parts

    • Buy an As-Is bike and Membership to Revolutions, and you will have access to our workshop, tools and used parts


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