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With the increased interest in cycling throughout the country, and looking forward to the opening of the Harahan Bridge, which spans the Mississippi River and connects downtown Memphis with Arkansas, there is a need for affordable lodging and amenities for the growing number of long-distance and cross-country cyclists who will be taking advantage of the new east-west route.  To meet that need, we’ve opened the CYCLE-LODGE!  

Located in the heart of the Cooper Young Neighborhood – one of Memphis’ most popular midtown locations for restaurants, bars, art galleries and entertainment – CYCLE-LODGE is located within the facilities of First Congregational Church at 1000 S. Cooper St. 38104, and includes:

  • overnight reservations for up to 40 guests
  • bunks @ $27.50 per person per night
  • showers & kitchen facilities
  • secure indoor parking for bicycles
  • coin-op laundry center — only $1.25 per load!
  • 24/7 self-serve “bike repair center” for simple tune-ups
  • Free tune-up bike stand, in lodge
  • Revolutions Bicycle Co-Op is on-site for professional assistance appointments, at a reasonable cost
  • Revolutions retail store for bike parts, rentals of City Bikes and Family Cargo Bikes and riding supplies
  • Group meals option

Go to the Hostel Memphis website, or call 901-273-8341 for more information and to make your reservations for CYCLE-LODGE!

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