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Getting More Memphians on Bicycles!



We have the simple vision of saving the world, one bicycle at a time. To do this, Revolutions Bicycle Cooperative, a ministry of First Congregational Church, provides affordable and reliable bicycles to all Memphians.  Members repair their own bicycles with the assistance of volunteer mechanics that have received training and experience in professional bicycle shops. We have dedicated ourselves to this work because

  • We can preserve the earth and its creatures by riding bicycles.  Bicycling for transportation leaves a minimal impact on the natural environment.
  • We commit ourselves to supporting others in this witness by providing affordable, reliable bicycles and the knowledge required to maintain those bicycles.
  • We can provide affordable bicycle parts, bicycle frames and mechanical support to Memphians who love and rely on their bicycles by offering memberships to Revolutions.  These memberships afford the tools, parts and shop time necessary to keep our member’s bicycles working well.
  • We believe in First Congregational Church’s commitment to “wait for the slowest, who will sooner or later catch up with the fastest” by taking the time to teach all people how to build, repair and ride their bicycle.

Revolutions Bicycle Cooperative is a meeting ground for a variety of people ranging from professional bicycle mechanics to individuals learning bike repair for the first time. Such diversity requires that our shop provide sanctuary from all forms of bigotry and discrimination.

  • We live according to First Congregational Church’s “Open and Affirming” covenant by affirming our Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Trans-gendered brothers and sisters.
  • We “Welcome the Stranger” into our bicycle shop by providing bicycling services and materials to community members who might not otherwise have considered themselves people who ride bicycles, and we welcome these new riders into our community of bicyclists.
  • Revolutions abides by First Congregational UCC’s “Just-Peace” covenant: We bicycle to create a small ecological footprint.  Many of us try to avoid the “conspicuous consumption” of petroleum by riding, as we recognize that the inevitable consequence of such consumption creates conflict and warfare with our brothers and sisters throughout the world.
  • Finally, Revolutions abides by the spirit of the “Loaves and Fishes”. We recognize the abundance of bicycling resources in Memphis and the need for the careful distribution of these bicycles parts throughout the community.  To meet this need and minimize waste, Revolutions accepts donated bicycles and bicycle parts which we provide to our membership.