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Meet Our Staff

Debra Langston, Executive Director

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Photo by Philipp M on Pexels.com

Debra became Executive Director at Revolutions Jan 1, 2019. Previously, Debra served as Director of Support Services for a franchisee operating 67 restaurants. In September of 2018, she was asked to serve on the advisory board of Revolutions and assumed the role of Interim Director in late November. Debra has always had a desire to work with a non-profit and a passion for enriching the Memphis community. Debra recently attended the United Bicycle Institute, located in Portland, Oregon and enjoys exploring the outdoors on her bicycle.

To contact Debra, please email: debra@revolutionsmemphis.com
or call: 901-552-5097

Doug DuBose, Head Mechanic

IMG_5327Doug joined Revolutions in March of 2016. Doug says of himself, “I love bikes and I’ve been riding since I was five years old. It’s the easiest and most fun way to stay in shape. I’ve been wrenching, at the pro level, since 2011, but I’ve worked with tools all of my life. I prefer road riding, mostly, because I can just walk outside and start riding, as opposed to going somewhere by car and then starting a ride.”

Nikki Jones, Bookkeeper 

After working for a corporation 13 years in various Finance roles, Nikki realized that shenikki had developed a love for detail. She recognized that her communication and organizational skills were universal, and could therefore be transferred. Nikki wanted to transfer her knowledge and work with smaller businesses. Nikki says, “It gives me an extreme sense of value and gratification to provide a specialized service to target groups that would normally be excluded as a focus area to larger corporations and businesses. My commitment to supporting and promoting small businesses and non-profit organizations provides a sense of belonging and devotion to the community in which we do business.” 


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