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Meet Our Staff

Sylvia Crum, Executive Director

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Photo by Roger Courts

Sylvia loves to ride her bicycle. But it hasn’t always been that way. As a kid, she was a clumsy rider, with several memorable falls and scraps. As an adult, bicycling just never seemed like much of an option. But in her mid-thirties, Sylvia started riding around Memphis, with a small child in tow. One child became two, and Sylvia couldn’t wait to get the newborn out on a bike, too. After lugging two kids in a heavy trailer behind her light road bike, Sylvia and her husband, Teddy, decided they had to have a cargo bike. But where to get one? The opportunity arose to attend United Bicycle Institute, in Oregon. And while there, the Crums bought their first cargo bike and outfitted for their family.

In August 2014, Sylvia ramped up her involvement in the Memphis cycling community by becoming the first paid director of Revolutions Bicycle Cooperative, a community shop founded in 2002 and headquartered in the basement of First Congregational Church. One of her main goals for the group: boost outreach to folks who are where she was in 2012–sincerely interested in riding, but shaky on how to get started.

Sylvia’s preferred type of riding is for transportation. She likes to ride to the park and library, with her kids, or to one of Memphis’ new breweries or the grocery store. To help others learn how to ride this way, Sylvia added “Women’s Bike Chats,” slow group rides and Bike to Dinner rides to Revolutions’ calendar of events.

A graduate of Bryn Mawr College, where she majored in Chemistry and minored in Africana Studies, Sylvia also completed the course at United Bicycle Institute that resulted in her certification as a Professional Bicycle Mechanic. Sylvia has lived in four states and three countries. And though she still loves to travel, she and her family love that they found Memphis for their permanent home! “Wave if you see us out on our bikes. We hope you’ll come riding with us, soon!”

To contact Sylvia, please email: infoATrevolutionsmemphisDOTcom,
or call: 901-726-6409

Doug DuBose, Head Mechanic

IMG_5327Doug joined Revolutions in March of 2016. Doug says of himself, “I love bikes and I’ve been riding since I was five years old. It’s the easiest and most fun way to stay in shape. I’ve been wrenching, at the pro level, for five years, but I’ve worked with tools all of my life. I prefer road riding, mostly, because I can just walk outside and start riding, as opposed to going somewhere by car and then starting a ride.”

We’re pleased to have Doug in the Shop. He helps us raise money for our programs by overhauling bikes to sell, fixing up bikes for folks who don’t want to do it themselves and answering our hard questions.


Jon Pegg, Shop Manager

Jon joined Revolutions as Staff, in July 2016. He says, “Bicycling gives me the unique
opportunity to seek out new adventures where I can go IMG_7365.JPGplaces that are too far to walk or too narrow to drive. Whether that be in my local neighborhood, the city streets, or state parks in the wild outdoors. Cycling leads me to new paths, sights and sounds that I would otherwise never get to experience. By interacting with the environment around me, riding a bicycle creates a community that grows a love for people, neighborhoods, and the outdoor spaces that shape our city. My love of bicycles is to appreciate a functioning tool and design that is in itself an art form that meets our needs whether that be for leisure, exercise or commuting. It is my goal to encourage others in cycling by giving them the opportunity to 
be self sufficient and discover these same wonderful adventures.” 


Daniel Gregg, Education Program Coordinator


Daniel joined Revolutions in November 2017. Daniel will help us develop even more great programming to help children and adults to get comfortable and confident working on and riding bicycles.

Daniel says, “I’ve always loved bicycles, since riding my very first BMX bike, as a kid!”

Daniel graduated from the University of Memphis, in 2017, with a Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Science. While working as a graduate assistant, he spent his spare time working at a local bike shop and riding the streets of Memphis. He soon developed a love for the road less traveled and set his sights on the gravel roads in Arkansas.  “Gravel and dirt roads are when I’m at my happiest. There is something about that connection to the imperfections of the road that resonate with my desire to be outdoors.” But Daniel also goes on to say that, “While my preferences shifted towards gravel, I find that the best rides are those you share with others.”


Nikki Jones, Bookkeeper 

After working for a corporation 13 years in various Finance roles, Nikki realized that shenikki had developed a love for detail. She recognized that her communication and organizational skills were universal, and could therefore be transferred. Nikki wanted to transfer her knowledge and work with smaller businesses. Nikki says, “It gives me an extreme sense of value and gratification to provide a specialized service to target groups that would normally be excluded as a focus area to larger corporations and businesses. My commitment to supporting and promoting small businesses and non-profit organizations provides a sense of belonging and devotion to the community in which we do business.”


Shannon Little, Publicity & Social Media

ShannonShannon Little oversees publicity and social media for Revolutions. Shannon is a contractor who channels her passion for Memphis and its small business scene to rep her city and the people who make it great. From a vibrant social media plan to a rockin’ media campaign or marketing strategy, she specializes in showcasing small businesses who are making a positive impact in their community.

An extensive background in local hospitality and public relations allow Shannon to bring a truly unique, creative perspective to her clients’ campaigns. Since 2009, Shannon has found energy in working with incredible Memphis businesses every day, sharing their stories and the Memphis story overall. She graduated suma cum laude from University of Memphis with both a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Communication, concentrating on Community Relations and Business Management. Go Tigers Go!




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