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Donating Money:

Revolutions is a ministry of First Congo.

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Donating Bikes:

As a part of our commitment to having minimal impacts on the natural environment, Revolutions Bicycle Cooperative uses donated bicycle and bicycle parts for many of our activities. We receive donations in any condition – from gently used to totally rusted – assess their merits for quality and safety, and program them into shop activities based on their usefulness for our various programs. Even if the part or bicycle cannot be reused for its original purpose, we can still recycle or re-purpose it to be useful again. Revolutions reserves the right to refuse large donations, due to availability of storage space.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARevolutions receives donations during our normal operating hours. Check the full Revolutions Bicycle Cooperative calendar of events here for accurate hours. Please enter through our mini Bike Gate.

PLEASE, DO NOT LEAVE DONATIONS OUTSIDE THE SHOP WHEN WE ARE CLOSED! Often times, donations are taken from our doorstep before we get a chance to receive them. It is best to wait until you can speak with someone present at Revolutions or First Congregational Church when leaving your donations.

Call us: 901-552-5097

All donations are tax exempt to the fullest extent of the law. By request, a receipt can be provided for your donation.

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