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Bikes and Trikes and Bike Gangs!

How to Get a Bike?!IMG_0858

Did you know you can now earn a bike from Revolutions? This fall, while we work on the new Revolutions
Training Fleet, we are rewarding our volunteers with “Revolutions Bucks.” These coins, worth 10 Revolutions Bucks, can be used to purchase one of our bikes in need of overhaul.

Have you seen our hallway? We have loads of these bikes and one just might be calling your name. Bikes in need of overhaul are $50. So, you could earn one in just five volunteer sessions.

So, come on in and help us overhaul some bikes for our Training Fleet. And you could come away with a free bike to overhaul for yourself! You must be a member of Revolutions to use our tools. But membership is just $30 and we can get you signed up, when you come in!



Easy Rider TriCycles!

Our riding program for Senior Citizens, in cooperation with the Division of Parks and Neighborhoods, is off to a great start. On one ride we had a lade who is 105! And on the second ride, they took off so fast, I couldn’t get any pictures until the end of the ride.


This fall we are trying a pilot program where senior community centers and residential life centers bring groups of Seniors to Overton Park. And Revolutions puts them on TriCycles and leads a ride through the Old Growth Forest. Any Seniors group can join in. So, if you know of any who might be interested, send them my way. They can email me at 

And, we’re looking for volunteers!

Some of the Senior Citizens are fine to ride along without any assistance. But others need encouragement, and a buddy to ride (or walk along) beside them. Plus, I need some help getting all the TriCycles out of the storage area and back again. We’ve found that it’s good to have two or three volunteers to help. So, if you’re interested, just let me know!! You can also email me at


A Big, Big Thank You, to this week’s Easy Rider Volunteers:

    • Jay Fite
    • Jackie Nerren
    • Dave Lindstrom
    • Bill Gallops
    • Gary Thompson

Another Big Thank You Goes to our Bike Valet Volunteers!


  • Emily and Derek Gum
  • Ben and Anna Cornelius
  • Kat Andrus
  • Charles Ferryman
  • Jay and Gina Fite
  • Johnny Garner

Party Pumper-Upper Update

We had a lot of fun at the South Memphis 5k. I had no idea how hilly it is over there! But this group did a great job warming up with Zumba. And then leading off the race. Thanks, everybody, for helping us reach out to our neighbors!



Women’s Bike Chat

Join us next Sunday, Nov 15 at 2:00 p.m. This month we’re talking about the best bike locks and dreaming about what our ideal outdoor bike storage would look like!

bike gang then and now

What’s Happening This Week,
Nov 8–15

2:00-6:00 p.m.   Members’ Open Shop,
plus Retail Shop is open–Retail and bike rentals!

6:30-9:00 p.m.     Overhaul Night

6:30-9:00 p.m.     Overhaul Night

2:00-6:00 p.m.   Members’ Open Shop,
plus Retail Shop is open–Retail and bike rentals!
2:00 p.m.             
 Women’s Bike Chat

Coming up, soon:

Thursday, Nov 19:
7:30 to 9:00 a.m. 
Revolutions’ Breakfast Open House

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