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Our Fall Schedule

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Have you seen all the bikes we have sitting in our hallway? We work to recycle them back on to the street. And over the years, we have used these bicycles when Revolutions members wanted to build their own bike. This summer, we also overhauled a few and sold them for two reasons:

  1. Some folks don’t want to build their own bicycle. They just want to get riding!
  2. These bikes did a great job raising money for our programs like Bike Safety Rodeos for kids in the community.

We will still have bikes available for both of those projects.

But what if we were also able to overhaul a bunch of these donated bikes, even a whole fleet, to be used when community members want to get a bunch of folks on bicycles, at once? We often get requests, from people in the community, to lead a group on a ride. When the ioby board was in town, they wanted a to take a bike tour of all of Memphis’ ioby projects. They needed 20 bikes. Our rental fleet only had 10, at the time. So, several Revolutions members loaned us their bikes to get ioby’s board rolling.

Imagine if we could get an even bigger group on bicycles, to try out how fun riding is. What if a school staff wanted a team building ride? Or what if a college group, in Memphis for a study tour, wanted to ride down to the Civil Rights museum? Or what if you know a group of adults who never learned to ride, but would like to learn together?

To be able to reach out to our community and provide rides and ride training to groups big and small, we need bikes that are ready to ride. So this Fall, our big project in the Revolutions workshop will be to create a Training Fleet of bicycles. Our goal is to have 40 overhauled bikes ready by spring. We’ll be focusing on our 60s, 70s and 80s era steel frames, probably mostly step-throughs (because we have a lot of those), in brands like Huffy and Schwinn.

These bikes are not fancy. But they’re sturdy and they have parts that are similar to each other, which should make it easier for us to work on. And I saw similar old bikes all over the Netherlands taking people to work, play, and anywhere people were riding!

Would you like to help us get our Training Fleet ready to ride?

We’re going to have two types of Overhaul Nights, this Fall.


Mondays from 6:30 to 9:00 will be reserved for those of you who have some experience wrenching on bikes. We especially hope that those of you who like to fix on old bikes will join us, because you know those old Schwinns have some idiosyncracies!

If you’ve been to the Overhaul class, or you just like to tinker, come on out on Monday nights.

Thursdays from 6:30 to 9:00 will be a chance for everyone to be involved. Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about working on bikes. We’ll have experienced volunteers here to help. And we’ll show you which tools do what. We won’t be hosting a Fall Overhaul Class. But these Thursday evenings will give you a lot of chances to get your hands on bikes.

So, will you help us overhaul 40 bikes by Spring?! We’d love to have you join us!!

Please note that you must be a current Revolutions member to use our tools. But we can get you signed up when you come in. Membership is just $30 for the year. And you get all these great benefits!

Open Shop Returns!

Are you riding in this beautiful weather? Or, is your bike in need of some love? Bring it in today, and get it ready to ride! Open Shop will be Sundays from 2-6 for the rest of the Fall and Winter.

Were you out yesterday, for the Tour De Coop?

Here are some pictures from our awesome day looking at backyard chickens, beehives and community gardens:


What’s Happening This Week,
Sept 27 – Oct 4:

2:00-6:00 p.m. Members’ Open Shop,
plus Retail Shop is open–Retail and bike rentals!

6:30 p.m.           Overhaul Night (Experience Required!)

6:30-9:00 pm    Overhaul Night (All Experience Levels)

2:00-6:00 p.m.   Members’ Open Shop,
plus Retail Shop is open–Retail and bike rentals!

Coming up, soon:

Monday, Oct 5
6:30 p.m.             Basic Bike Assessment Class

Sunday, Oct 18
2:00 p.m.             Women’s Bike Chat

Monday, Oct 19
6:30 p.m.             Fix a Flat Class

Tuesday, Oct 20
7:00 p.m.              Transforming Transportation in Memphis: What can we learn from the Dutch?

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