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Who Rides, in the Netherlands?

I can’t get over all the older people I’m seeing on bikes. Riding seems to keep folks so healthy and happy and moving about.



On Wednesday, we visited Den Bosch. They served us a traditional pastry that was delicious.

And told us that they were the first city in the Netherlands to open their market-day square, to bicyclists. This upheld a belief that bicycles and pedestrians mix well in a shopping district, and that they bring in a lot of foot traffic to the stores, because of their low speeds.

We rode all over this town and saw lots of different ways to give cars, bikes and transit their own space.

We also see a lot of families on bikes. I just love everyone that I see! Kids in cargo bikes. Kids on the back rack. Kids in seats between the handle bars and on the back rack. Kids on their way to school, just chatting away as the roll along. It’s just so awesome!


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