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Travel to Utrecth

We traveled by train, to Utrecht. Then, after some introductions to our leaders from People for Bikes, we finally got to get on some bikes. I was thankful for the discussion about how intersections work and what the painted signs mean, because we headed out just as rush hour was starting.


I just love all the people and things we are seeing, on bikes. One of our leaders, today, said someone said to her that bikes are like vacuum cleaners: everyone has one. I think I would change that to bikes are like toothbrushes. Everyone has one, maybe more than one, and everyone uses it. We talked about people in the Netherlands cycling into old age:

IMG_2016 IMG_2025

We talked about people in the Netherlands cycling in all kinds of weather. One of our leaders quoted a child, who said, “We are not sugar.” This meant, we can cycle in the rain because we will not melt!” I took a picture of this man, because he had two children on his bike and he seemed to be carrying something else. But can you see what else is interesting about him?:



He only had one leg. But he was still cycling along, right on his way!

And this girl was carrying a heavy load, which seemed to make her a bit wobbly. But she, too, managed just fine, by bike:


If we could only make it less of a big deal, to get on a bike. Oh, and I really think we should overhaul more of those Dutchies that we have, at Revolutions. Everyone is riding them, here! Sitting upright, with the easy balance that a Dutchie provides, seems to allow folks to do everything they need to do to ride for transportation. I see people texting while riding, holding on to children or lovers who are riding beside them and carrying all manner of things on these easy to ride, upright bikes.

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