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It’s Bike Month, for One More Week!

We have been very busy, this Bike Month. Our Choose 901 Video and the Memphis Bike Guide were released. We hosted Dinner and Bikes. And we installed an awesome Outdoor Bicycle Repair Stand at Poplar and Cleveland, as part of Operation Crosstown, in partnership with the Church Health Center.

Here’s a helpful video on how to use it:

And even with all of that, there is still more fun to be had.

This week you can join us for Demolition night or ride with us to Bikes on Broad, both happening on Thursday.

For Bikes on Broad, we’re taking orders for flowers from Roots Memphis, so we can get all the extra points available in this month’s challenge: riding with baskets.

And then we’re finishing off the month with a bang! Join us on Saturday, May 30 to unveil Easy Riders, a Tri-Cycling program for seniors that Revolutions is running, in collaboration with the City of Memphis Division of Parks and Neighborhoods.

Won’t you join us for a little more Bike Month fun?!

Demolition Night

Now that our Spring Overhaul class is over, we filling in Thursday shop hours with other fun things. This week, it’s Demolition Night. This is a night to work through our donated bikes to find parts worth saving, and scrap headed for the scrap heap. Work on this night will also help us keep our stock of used parts sorted and available. Join in from 6:30 to 9:00.

Summer Overhaul Class

Did you miss this Spring’s Overhaul Class? Look at some of the happy faces who now have fully overhauled bikes:

IMG_0820 IMG_0848

You can now sign up for the Summer Overhaul Class. It will run for seven Thursday evenings, starting July 9.

Bikes on Broad

The next Bikes on Broad is this Thursday, May 28. Meet up at 5:15 p.m. at our Revolutions’ Bike Gate, on Cooper. 11210468_686125428179807_3286447046321238945_n

This month, the City wants to count people on bikes with baskets or racks. And there are extra points for flowers! We’re ordering bouquets from Roots Memphis. They’ll be $8 or less. Let me know by Tuesday, May 26, if you want in!

For the ride, we’ll meet at Revolutions at 5:15 and then ride over to the Overton Park Bike Gate, to meet up with more folks. Then we’ll roll down the Hampline to join in the fun at the Rec Room. A food truck will be available. Or bring a snack supper, to eat. The Rec Room serves beer. And you can read more details here.

Easy Rider Tri-Cycles

Revolutions, in partnership with the City of Memphis Division of Parks and Neighborhoods, is unveiling a tri-cycling program for seniors, on Saturday May 30. We’re calling it Easy Riders. And we need your help.

Not only will we show off the ten new Tri-Cycles, acquired by the City, for this project, we will also be hosting a Bike Rodeo. And it’s going to be a big one, because nearly 300 Memphis public school students will be receiving bicycles from the District Attorney General Amy Weirich’s office.  Revolutions invited those children to join in on the Bike Rodeo!  It is EASY to help with a Rodeo!   (One job is just to stand there saying, “You’re doing great!” to keep the kids moving through!)

We want Mayor Wharton, Director Janet Hooks and DA General Amy Weirich – along with the many families and folks who will gather that day – to be aware of Revolutions and our many programs, and to know First Congregational as a church that supports seniors, children, parks, recreation, health and tri/bicycles!  

Mayor Wharton will be speaking close to 9:00 a.m., so please come to the Liberty Bowl fountain at the top of Tiger Lane, wearing a Revolutions t-shirt on Saturday, May 30th!

Other ways you can help:

  • Greeters
  • Trike Riders
  • Bike Rodeo Set up
  • Bike Rodeo Station hosts
  • Bike Game Hosts
  • Rodeo/Tent break down

If you can help with these jobs, email me!

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