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Visit to the National Bike Summit

I leave tomorrow, for Washington DC, to attend the National Bike Summit. This year’s theme is: “Bikes +” and we are meant to consider how bikes can add value to other movements and how our movement can expand to serve broader interests. The Summit begins with a full day focused on women and it ends with a day spent lobbying in Congress.

I recently watched a fun movie called Chef. In it, a small boy helps his dad advertise a food truck with social media. I’m inspired by this child, though I make no promises. Will I be better at tweeting because I’ll be in DC and surrounded by so many exciting topics to share with you? Will I post more regularly on Facebook because I’ll have videos and photos and news you won’t want to miss? Well, if I do, you can catch these offerings at @RevolutionsMPHS or on Facebook.

Work around the Shop continues…

even while I’m gone. We have all kinds of jobs including workbench building, painting and moving stuff from one room to another. We may even get tools in, this week. Hanging these up will make our new Shop look a lot more like a Bike Shop, again!! We’d love to have you join us!

Work nights are open to all because we can use all the help we can get!! You can drop in for a little while or stay the whole time. And as long as there’s not too much ice outside, we’ll be working away in our nice warm basement. Join us!

Sundays 2:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Mondays 6:30 to 9:00 p.m.

Thursdays 6:30 to 9:00 p.m.

And the Plans for Spring continue…

IMG_0012You can now read about our Spring classes and start planning for which ones you might take. Some of them are even already listed on the calendar! We’ll have sign-up information, soon. But for now, be careful not to drool over these, because it might freeze.

Women’s Bike Chat, March 15, 2 p.m.

Next Sunday, I will have just returned from the National Bike Summit. For this month’s Women’s Bike Chat, we’ll take a Coffee Shop ride, and I’ll report on the Summit there. Meet us at the Bike Gate, at 2:00 p.m.

Women’s Bike Chat to Read Bikenomics

In April, the Women’s Bike Chat will read Elly Blue’s Bikenomics. It’s not too early to pick up your copy! You can buy it online (and we’ll send it to you!) or you can grab a copy the next time you’re at Revolutions.



From the Publisher:

Bikenomics provides a surprising and compelling new perspective on the way we get around and on how we spend our money, as families and as a society. The book starts with a look at Americans’ real transportation costs, and moves on to examine the current civic costs of our transportation system. Blue tells the stories of people, businesses, organizations, and cities who are investing in two-wheeled transportation. The multifaceted North American bicycle movement is revealed, with its contradictions, challenges, successes, and visions.

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