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Painting Party and Bicycle Friendly Businesses!

Are you planning to sit around, tonight, and watch the Super Bowl? Before you do, come out and get some exercise with Revolutions! We’re painting our new Workshop. It’s over 1200 square feet  and we need your help! We start at 2:00 and paint until 6:00. Come anytime; we’ll take you for one hour or four!


Over 4600 nails, all gone!


Dr. Kendra Hotz removing 70 years of ceiling dust!

In preparing the room, we pulled out 4,608 nails from the ceiling!! We kicked up lots of dust, and vacuumed a little!

And now the room is all ready to paint.We’re painting, now, so that we can start building our new workbenches. Won’t you help us?!?!

First Congo as a Bicycle Friendly Business

In January, First Congregational Church (of which Revolutions is a part) applied to get rated, by the League of American Bicyclists, as a Bicycle Friendly Business. We would join City Hall and Shelby Farms Park as the only Bicycle Friendly Businesses, in Memphis. And we would be the only church with that rating, in the whole state!

Now that we applied, we need  you to fill out a short survey about your experience of First Congo as truly friendly to bicycling. When I filled it out, I thought about all of our great offerings through Revolutions Bicycle CoOp (including parking my bike inside, during Shop hours), the rental fleet at Pilgrim House Hostel, First Congo’s new bike rack that serves the Cooper-Young Farmers’ Market, a great turn out for last Fall’s Blessing of the Bikes, and more.

Won’t you help us try for a Gold-rated, or maybe even Platinum!, Bicycle Friendly Business, by filling out this short survey? Be sure to list the “business” name as “First Congregational Church of Memphis, UCC.” Please take a moment to get your answers in, now, because it’s due by February 18th!

Find the survey here:

Nice to Bicyclists…

In preparing First Congo’s application to be listed as a Bicycle Friendly Business, I got inspired to have a less official way to encourage businesses, in Memphis. When I went to Sherwin Williams, on Madison, to get some paint samples for our new Workshop, I had trouble locking up my bike. When I mentioned to an employee that I had to lock up on a street sign, he said I should have just brought the bike inside.

It seemed crazy to transport paint for a new bicycle workshop, by car. So, for some of the paint, my kids helped me get it to Revolutions, by bike. When I went back to Sherwin Williams with the bike, I tried parking inside. Even though that same employee wasn’t there, the ones who were didn’t give me a hard time. And, they even carried the three gallons of paint over to my cargo bike, for me to load it up.


So in thanks to Sherwin Williams, I would like to bestow on them our very first Nice To Bicycles Business: 4 Star Rating. They were very friendly to me and the kids while we were on our bike. They let me park inside. They’re on the Madison Ave. bike lane. And, they could step up to 5 stars if they were to get a proper bike rack.

Do you have other businesses that you would like rated as a Revoluions’ Nice to Bicycles Business? If so, write up a paragraph about what they’re doing right and what they could improve. Give me their name and address. And I will then list them on Revolutions’ Nice to Bicycles Business page. I will also send them a thank you letter and T-shirt!

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