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Changing Places!!

Revolutions is trading places in the basement. We started our move, this week, by helping to move artwork to storage and cleaning out a room full of old paint! Some of you who showed up to help didn’t know what you were getting yourselves into!


Johnny Garner carries enormous flowers to storage!

But we accomplished a lot. Next up is moving furniture out of our new digs and painting. We’ll be working on that this Thursday and next Sunday. If you can help, we’d love for you to! We hope to start building our new workbenches by the last week in January (and we’d love to have your help on that, too!


Julia Hicks and Carol Hays cut flowers and yellow orbs down from the ceiling!

On Thursday, we will also have one more demolition night. And on Sunday, January 25 we will have one more Open Shop (held simultaneously with a Painting Party!), in case any of you want to get in a few minor repairs. After that, we will turn ALL of our Shop Hours into moving party hours until our big move is complete. I think we can do it by March 1st! But I’ve agreed to plan for March 15th. Won’t you help us!!!???!!!

Women’s Bike Chat — TODAY at 2:00!!!

In the midst of our big move, we are also planning for Spring. Today, we are talking about rides, dinner, bicycles, health and how you can get involved!

Bring your bike (and maybe not even warm clothes!) so that, if the weather is nice (which it is supposed to be!), we can take a short ride, together. All Revolutions sponsored rides require helmets. You can borrow one, if you need to! Enter through the Bike Gate and the Meditation Garden.

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