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The heat is coming…

I got a call on Friday that made me leap for joy. The heating and air guys wanted to get into the basement and start work on installing our new heat pump! Can you imagine? Maybe soon we won’t have to wear hats, coats and gloves when we work on bikes!! We may have to step over and around a mess for a bit. But I’ve got my fingers crossed that they’ll finish the work all at once. Won’t you cross your fingers, with me?

Open Shop, TODAY!

Open Shop is a time where members can bring in their own bikes and work on minor repairs. Join us on today, from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Demolition Night a Big Success

On Thursday, we tried out our first Demolition Night. We had thirteen members help us break down eleven bikes!


We were trying out how this kind of night works. Our Used Parts room still needs some organization and clean out before we keep many more used parts. But we were able to save a few nice brake pads and an 18″ tire, which we were out of. And as we move forward with this sort of work evening, we’ll be able to save even more. From Thursday’s work, we have three nice boxes for the scrap yard, including some all aluminum frames, which bring the most money per pound, at the yard.

Demolition Night allows us to work through the more beat up of our donated bikes to find find parts worth saving, and scrap headed for the scrap heap. Work on this night also helps us keep our stock of used parts sorted and available.

This is a great night for new members to participate in because we’re just breaking down bikes, so you don’t have to worry about breaking something!

Women’s Bike Chat, NEXT SUNDAY, 2:00 p.m.

We have some planning to do, for Spring. Join us as we talk about rides, dinner, bicycles, health and how you can get involved!

Bring your bike (and warm clothes!) so that, if the weather is nice, we can take a short ride, together. All Revolutions sponsored rides require helmets. You can borrow one, if you need to! Enter through the Bike Gate and the Meditation Garden.

Work Nights?

If you look at the calendar, you’ll see that we have a lot of “Work Nights” scheduled. Why so many? It’s the new year and Revolutions is changing some of our space, in the basement! Join us for these work nights where we’ll be working on a variety of tasks.

This Thursday we’ll tackle the Paint Room. It’s filled with paint… and a bunch of other stuff. Help us sort it, move it and clean it out!

Help us get our space set so we can get ready to jump into new programs and classes, this Spring!

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