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Saying Thanks

In November, the YMCA leadership asked me for a list of people working on the Christmas Kids Bikes. I gave them a list of almost 40 names. And do you know what they did with all of those names? They made us thank you cards.


And they’re really pretty amazing. Some of my favorites say things like:

“You’re probably behind the scenes but you’re bigger to me than a big screen.”

B — Backslapper*
E — Enthusiastic
N — Noble
*Footnote: An effusively friend person

“Get your head in the gears.”

“When I grow up, I want to give away bikes, too.”

There is not a card for everyone who worked on this year’s project. But there is one for a lot of you. I’ll list the names below and you can come when we open back up, in January, to claim your heartfelt, handmade thanks.

Ishtey and Pete Amminger, Ben Andrews, Ben Cornelius, Oliver Anthony, Dave Lindstrom, Mary Boland, Beth Oeffinger, James Williams, Bill Gallops, Susannah and Kevin Barton, Mark Allen, Russell Patton, James Yip, Faruk Ahmed, Asm Iftekhar Anam, MeganMarie Miller, Kendra Hotz, Emily Gum, Jackie Nerren, Jessica Buttermore, Big Mike Isom, Johnny Garner, Ernest Kavioan, Houston Wickham, David Hilgeman, Jay Fite, Teddy Crum, Stephanie Sluyter

Revolutions by the Numbers

So, here’s a little Year in Review, as we close out 2014. It was a big year, around Revolutions. We started the year in transition with a great team of three keeping the Shop doors open. Thanks, so much to Mark Allen, Keith Norman and Gene Carkeet for running the Shop, making a place for new members and holding back the flooding rain!

  • 167 members with active accounts
  • 26 class participants in two Fall classes
  • Women’s Bike Chat, Aug – Nov
    • 49 participated in chats
    • A Market to Market SLOW Ride with 26 participants
    • Hot Chocolate Ride with 9 riders
    • Plus three after-chat rides
  • Volunteers for Christmas Bike Recycle
    • 40 worked on overhauling bikes and hosting Bike Rodeos
    • 30 Showed up for Donation Day Group Ride, plus another 10 to 15 volunteers who helped without riding a bicycle!
  • Group Bicycle Rides
    • Kidical Mass ride in Aug with 45 participants, including almost 20 children, and almost 50 in December
    • Wee Rides in March, April, May with several riders in the mid to late 70s.
    • Revolutions co-led Bikesploitation ride in May, with almost 100 riders
    • Christmas Kids’ Bikes Neighborhood Group Ride with 60 riders, Dec.

Thanks to all our members and friends!! It was a busy year. And we have a lot more planned for 2015. Won’t you join us?!

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