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At the Farmers’ Market

Have you been to the Cooper-Young Community Farmers’ Market, lately? If you have, you’ve probably seen our new Revolutions booth! We have gift items, info and memberships to Revolutions and bikey books. Our newest book is the Bikeyface mini-comic Bike There. It would make a great gift for all of your friends who want to bike but just can’t seem to get started. You could buy it direct from Bikeyface. Or you could buy it from Revolutions and help support all of our great programs.


Update on Christmas Bikes

This week we overhauled 15 one-piece crank sets. These are sometimes called “Ashtabula” style cranks and are supposed to be easy to work on. The three I did were, but I may have gotten lucky! A few did not want to open or adjust! But we all learned lots, together. For example, every once in a while, a chisel and hammer are bike tools. I think we experienced most of what Sheldon Brown talks about here.

Join us this Thursday for two and three-piece cranksets! Don’t know what a crankset is? No problem! We can show you when you join us!!


Does your polling place have bike racks?

I plan to find out, on Tuesday, if mine does.

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