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Call me…

Revolutions has a working phone number, again. And I even know how to check the messages!! There’s no phone in my office, yet. But no matter. If you want to call Revolutions (and most like, leave a message), you can reach us at: 901-278-6786, ext. 9

Rental Fleet, now easier to maintain!


Thanks to the fine work of David Evans, MeganMarie Miller and Ollie Anthony, our Pilgrim House Hostel rental fleet is now much easier to maintain. Most of these bikes had an improperly machined bottom bracket that made adjusting the bottom bracket almost impossible. Last week, when a group of Revolutions members attempted to service these bikes, we couldn’t properly adjust three of the five bikes we were working on. What to do? Order new bottom brackets! They arrived this week and all were changed out on Thursday morning. This change will allow our members to do regular maintenance without the frustration of a part that just can’t be adjusted correctly!

Santa’s Helpers


Ollie Anthony, Steve Moser, Kevin Barton and Ben Andrews working hard on kids’ bike wheels!

Many of our Revolutions members have been hard at work overhauling kids bikes for our Christmas donation program with the YMCA and Shelby Farms. For some reason, the ones in this picture didn’t like my idea that they should be wearing elf hats. But anyway, for the last four Thursdays, we’ve worked on truing wheels and cleaning out and adjusting wheel hubs. We are finally ready to move on to bottom brackets and cranksets.

Have you been thinking that you’d like to join us on a Thursday? Are you worried that you don’t know how to work on a crankset? Don’t worry! We’re all learning, together! The Christmas bike build is a great time to learn some intro bike maintenance skills. And we’d love for you to join us!

Volunteering with this program is a benefit of membership at Revolutions. Not a member, yet? You can join when you come in to the Shop!

November Classes

In November the I Can Fix That classes will be on linear pull brakes. Not sure what these are? They look like this:

Linear Brakes

And you may also know them by one of their alias names. They are a type of Cantilever brakes that are also called Direct-Pull or V-Brakes. Novembers class will cover how to change the cable and housing, evaluate the brake pads and adjust the brakes. Bring your own bike, if you have linear brakes, or use a Revolutions bike to practice.

If you would like to change out the brake cables and housing on your own bike, there will be a $10 materials fee. You can decide and pay during class.

The class sign up can be found here.

And a Warm Welcome…

Ollie Anthony

to Oliver Anthony. Ollie is participating in the First Congo SOAR program (a Season of Action and Reflection). Ollie is interested in exploring the many programs here at First Congo and helping in Revolutions Bicycle Co-Op. He worked as a cycle courier in Chicago for four years, and believes in cycling as a sustainable form of transportation and promoter of general health. Ollie also worked at a small farm in Maine, apprenticing under the intern coordinator for Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association, where he enjoyed learning about growing foods organically and linking interns to working farmers and gardeners.  We look forward to working with Oliver for several months! Be sure to say hello, when you see him around the Shop!

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