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Our Ride into the Future!!

We’ve got some news-and as our friend Mark “Keeping It Wheel” Allen put it:  “This is good, great and fantastic-all at the same time!!”

What’s the news?  Our Revolutions Bicycle Co-op has received a grant from the Assisi Foundation for $50,000!  This is money that we can use to get an Executive Director in place, as well as start some much-needed updates to our space, and the Revolutions Planning Committee and the officers of 1st Congo Church have gathered this week to move forward.

The good news:  Programs that Revolutions has established and become known for nationally will be maintained and strengthened!

The great news:  We are moving forward with new expansions of the Revolutions program in the form of our Cycle Lodge, new classes, and the largest membership we’ve ever had-100 new members so far this year!  Big thanks to Keith Norman who has logged extensive shop hours to make this happen, along with Mark Allen, Jackie Nerren, Sylvia and Teddy Crum.

The fantastic news:  Sylvia Crum is stepping into the Executive Director’s position!  She meets every hope and expectation we had for this new position and she brings a fresh perspective.  She will be the only woman in charge of a bicycle co-op in the South!

Kidical Mass announce with visual aid

A United Bicycle Institute certified mechanic, Sylvia’s skillful hand has already been at work in Memphis, organizing the highly successful Wee Rides, tomorrow’s Kidical Mass ride, traveling to Portland to glean information from other bike shops and cooperatives and networking effectively with bicycling advocates in Memphis.

She’ll begin with a 25-hour a week position next week, and it’s going to be a wonderful ride into the future!


–Guest post submitted by Rev. Cheryl Cornish, 1st Congregational Church

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