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Riverside Drive and Kidical Mass


March 2019

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Don’t Forget:

This Tuesday, July 29 at the Beale Street Landing, join in on the Riverside Drive Complete Streets Project Community Meeting at 6:00 p.m.


In June, Riverside Drive was transformed into a multi-use path. Have you ridden your bicycle, walked or driven down it, yet? What did you think?

This community meeting is the first of several that will be scheduled during the pilot period so that data can be shared and public comment can be made. This meeting will include information about what data is being gathered, the projected schedule of future meetings, and what the public can expect during the duration of the pilot period. Doors will open to the meeting at 6:00pm, followed by a presentation at 6:30pm.

Come to the community meeting and express yourself. Your ideas and opinions are a valuable part of the process that will impact the final design of this roadway. The ultimate success of the Riverside Drive Access and Mobility Project depends on your participation… so please join in!




Questions? Please contact Kyle Wagenschutz, Bicycle /Pedestrian Coordinator, City of Memphis at: (901) 636-6710 or


Next Revolutions Class:

Bike Tools and Parts on Monday, August 4. More details and sign-up here.


Save the Date!

Have you been thinking, “Gosh, I wish I could ride with my kids on the streets of Memphis, but I can’t because…”?

Well, we have a ride for you! Join us on Friday, Aug. 8 at 6:45 p.m. for a very slow, very short ride on the streets, around 1st Congo. We’re encouraging parents to come out with their kids and their bikes. Parents should be on bicycles and kids can be on whatever kind of bicycles they have: balance bikes, bikes with training wheels, bikes without training wheels. We just want families to have a way to bicycle together!

You can read more here and join our Facebook Wee Ride event here. Save the date and we hope to see you on the 8th. There will be homemade ice cream at the end of the ride!

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