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Bikes, Bikes Everywhere!

It is so amazing to see bicycles everywhere. They’re at the grocery store (where the employees have their own, separate bike rack, as though the store actually expects them to ride to work), the brewpubs, and the town square. And they are safe in all of these places, because there are bike racks and bike corrals to house them. The bike corrals are great because, not only do they have a rack in which to lock up the bikes, they are also covered. I’ve even seen double-decker corrals, and will get you a picture of that, soon!


A local brewery, who encourages patrons and employees to ride their bikes!


Some of these bikes are uncovered, but you can see a green awning for some other bikes, in the background.

The above brewery is Standing Stone Brewery. I thought these bikes were merely patrons bikes. And some of them are. But it’s even more exciting than that. Standing Stone has an employee bike to work incentive program. From their website:

To promote health and reduce fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions, we (Standing Stone Brewery) offer free, new  to employees who have worked here for 1,000 hours and agree to bike commute at least 45 times within a year of receiving their new wheels. Our friends and local cheese purveyors at the  were inspired to establish a bike commuting program for their team, too.

You can read more about their program here (from the date of this post, it looks like this program is in its 5th year!). The hostess told me that once an employee works 1,000 hours, they are eligible for a bike with a $300 deposit. After they complete the 45 roundtrip commutes, they get half of that deposit back and the bike is their’s to keep. After they work an additional year with Standing Stone, they get the rest of the deposit back, too.

They are provided with new bikes (they had been Konas and now the bikes are Treks)! And Standing Stone has inspired other businesses in the area to create similar programs. The hostess also told me that Standing Stone is able to provide such nice bikes thanks to help from a local bike shop and a government subsidy program! Healthier, happier employees, lower carbon emissions, and more people riding bikes! This is a great idea!!! And they make tasty beer and locally sourced food, too!

In town, I was also super excited to see this:


It’s an outdoor, do-it-yourself bike repair station. There are several of the main tools that a minor bike repair would call for and a pump, on the side. And you can hang up your bike on the top of the red rack, for easy access.


I had read about communities using these, before coming out to Oregon. You can see that the tools are attached with thin wire cables. There is the possibility of theft. But I’ve read that for the most part, tools stick around. One post I saw said they had a recurring incident of a kid braiding the cables, but no trouble other than that. How great to know that even if you don’t have all of these tools at home, you can go to a central spot in town and make a fix.

The cargo bike is also proving quite useful. On Friday, a friend had two bikes at Bike School. Oh no! How to get them back home at the end of the day? How about a tow? Teddy put her front wheel in one of the panniers and rode it home!


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