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Bikesploitation 4


Christopher Reyes and his Mobile Music Machine

Despite the early and late rain, Bikesploitation was a huge success! So much work and love for bicycles went into this great event. The group ride was a super idea. I have no idea how many of us were on that, but it was loads of us.

When they said we would ride in to the Metal Museum with mobile musicians, I couldn’t really believe it. The Mobile Music Machine was better than I could have imagined! I think everyone else thought so, too, because all the cameras came out to capture these guys.

Bikesploitation also had great art, tiny bikes, bike polo, music and interactive bicycle music, plus films!! It’s too much to tell you about. So here are a few pictures:


Musical Bike Art

This piece of bicycle art was originally made at an earlier Bikesploitation (with frames from Revolutions?) by Eli Gold. At the time it was only made of bicycle frames. This year, chains and wheels were added. And a few bells and other noisy bits were sprinkled in. All of this was hooked up to an amplifier. So that, when you turned a crank, or spun a wheel by hand, all sorts of wonderful sounds were created.

Here’s another good idea for some extra bicycle chains:


Eli Gold also made a bicycle do spin art.


Sarah Fleming and Christopher Reyes of Cat and Fish Creative put on an amazing event. You can see more pictures here. If you missed it this year, plan now for next year. It was that great!

More ways to ride:

And don’t forget, it’s still Bike Month. So get out there and ride while it still feels like Spring (or Winter?). If the rain ever stops, Wee Ride Memphis will lead a short ride to Rock ‘n Romp, today. We’ll gather at 1:30 on the Blythe side of 1st Congo.

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