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Bike Locking: What Grade Would You Get?

Last night, Ben Cornelius lead a group of eight Revolutions members through a Commuting 101 class. We learned great information about how to ride safely on the road (even if there isn’t a bike lane), what to carry on the bike to work, and ideas about the best way to lock up our bikes. Ben mentioned a guy in New York that rates how well people lock up their bikes. It’s a funny video and gives some good feedback about whether a bike lock will actually work.

So, in celebration of the first week of Bike Month, here’s a video for you with  Bicycle Habitat’s Hal Ruzal.

And don’t forget. You can join us next week, on Monday, May 12 at 6:30 for Roadside Repairs. Classes are for Revolutions members, only. But you can join the night of the class. Sign up here and we hope to see you, next week!

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