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May is Bike Month!

Are you ready?

Maybe you’ve already been participating in the City of Memphis’ 30 Day Car-Free Challenge. I didn’t do so well the first three weeks in April. But this last week, with the pretty weather, and all the blog posts about others going car-free, I got inspired. Usually, my husband, Teddy, tows the kids in our bike trailer, and I just ride along beside. But on Tuesday, I decided I could do it, myself. We rode over to Peddler Bike Shop to talk to Cort Percer about leading some classes for Revolutions. That ride went well, so we continued on to Benjamin Hooks Central Library. Now with a trailer loaded with two kids and a bag of books, we headed home. Oh, I got totally lost in Chickasaw Gardens! Where was that exit to Fenwick Road?!? But we finally found it, and though I thought I might not make it while we were lost, I felt pretty good after arriving home.

Thursday brought a trip to Overton Park and the playground. Why not stop at the Midtown Kroger on the way home? Wow, I’ve never noticed before, when shopping, just how heavy bananas and cauliflower are. We paired down to one milk, instead of two. And I thought we could wait on an extra OJ, because didn’t I see a practically full quart in the fridge?

Friday was, again, so beautiful, we headed out to Peabody Park and Easy Way. Just as we were finishing, Teddy called to ask if we had any lunch plans. Pho Binh, on Madison Ave? Sure! We love their lunch buffet. For Saturday, I let Teddy pull the trailer. But we stopped by Peddler, again, where Teddy asked if we could try out the Trek Cargo bike they have in the window. From there, we rode the kids to the park (and did just a little sidewalk riding but only because the diggers were out moving dirt on the Hampline Connector!). But the true errand of the day was to buy some chicken feed. The cargo bike made this errand bike-able, and a great test for how well that cargo bike could carry a load. Thanks to the nice folks at Hollywood feed, who gave us a couple of bungee cords. And I toted that 50 lb bag of feed home!


But back to May being Bike Month. Revolutions has a lot planned!

First, we have two classes to prepare you for Bike to Work Day.

On Monday, May 5th, Ben Cornelius will lead Commuting 101. Designed specifically for those who want to start bicycling to work or school, this class is a practical “how to” in finding your best travel route, thinking through matters of clothing and equipment that needs to be carried, thoughts on troubleshooting emergency repairs on tires and chains, and parking.  We’ll discuss advocacy efforts to make bicycle commuting easier in Memphis.

And on Monday, May 12th, Cort Percer, of Peddler Bike Shop, will teach Roadside Repairs: A two-hour class on basic bicycle maintenance, designed for the beginner who needs to know how to fix a flat tire, negate noisy gears, reduce rim rub, etc.  The experience will be hands-on, using participants own bicycles. This class will simulate a true in-the-field experience, just like when out riding your bicycle. You will need your own bicycle and Flat Fix Kit (if you have one). If you do not have a Flat Fix Kit, Peddler will offer them for $60 cash (a $75 value) on the night of the class. This kit includes: A seat pack (to hold everything), CO2 cartridges, a patch kit, tire levers, a spare tube and a multi-tool.

These classes are for current Revolutions members, only. But don’t worry! You can join (or re-join), now! Memberships are payable when the Shop is open. You can, now, also join on Saturdays at the Global Goods Fair Trade Store at 1st Congo. And, if you are attending a class, you can join when you show up for that!

We are trying out a new, online sign-up for classes. You can find it here. But if you have any trouble with that, just let us know at


Then there are the rides!

The weekend of May 16, 17 and 18 will be a busy one for bicycling. May 16 is, of course, Bike to Work Day. Then, on May 17, Revolutions via Wee Ride Memphis will lead one of the many community rides going to Bikesploitation. There will be more information to come but mark your calendars, now. This is going to be an event not to miss. And, the next Rock ‘n Romp is May 18. Wee Ride will also lead a short Bike-A-Van over to Rhodes College for this party. We’ll need lots of kids to go with us to get in all the adults. So moms and dads, be thinking about how you can tow your kids, if you don’t have a way to do that already. There are some ideas on our Wee Ride Memphis blog. I would caution you that these are not suggestions. Just ideas of some things that we or friends of ours have tried and some other ideas we’ve found on the web.


Wow. May is Bike Month. Are you ready!?!

Come out and help us save the world, one bicycle at a time!



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