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Inagural “Wee Ride” Hits Streets Yesterday

1979908_1412603105663997_1603388456_oAround 10:00am on Saturday, March 8, about a dozen riders gathered in the parking lot at First Congo Church for the first ever “Wee Ride Memphis” bicycle ride. This ride was started and organized by Revolutions volunteer Sylvia Crum as way to give those who may be new to cycling, or riding with kids; and those who just love to ride with other people, opportunities to get to know routes around the city.

Future Wee Ride Memphis rides are already being planned. The rides will be medium paced rides (10-12 mph), so don’t worry if you haven’t been out on your bike much. Destinations include places that are kid-friendly and fun and that have public bathrooms! Generally, participants should plan to ride a bit, make a stop for some playtime and snacks/lunch and then ride a bit more.

To stay in touch about future Wee Ride Memphis events, be sure to check out their Facebook page and Website.


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