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Celebrating a Life of Inspiration

david_santucciThe Revolutions Memphis staff were grieved this week to learn of the tragic passing of long-time volunteer and friend, David Santucci. David spent countless hours over the last couple of years earning a membership, building a bicycle, and helping others achieve the same by volunteering his time to teaching new members all he knew about bikes. While our relationship with David was limited to our time together wrenching on bikes, we know that his desire to help people extended beyond our shop and reached into his professional life as a nurse. His patient and friendly nature, combined with an unparalleled desire to help, made David’s presence at the shop a welcome site for staff and volunteers alike.

It’s easy to be angered by circumstances that have removed such a precious life from this world. Instead, though, we think it’s better to celebrate the life of a great person and draw inspiration from the example David gave us each time he walked through our doors. Each of us has our own part to do. For some, it might be volunteering at the local soup kitchen. For others, it might mean mentoring youth in our community. For us, it’s about helping people get around town by bicycle. Whatever shape the celebration takes, do it in earnest – do it without pretense – do it with a willing spirit – do it in compassion. Let David’s life serve as a call to action; a call for each of us to do our part, impact those in our community in a positive way, and make our city a better place.

Memorials can be made to the Men’s Rescue Mission Downtown. Online condolences and memorial tributes can be made at Collierville Funeral Home.
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