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Revolutions Memphis – New Look, New Programs

RevShopThe staff at Revolutions Memphis has been working behind the scenes for the last six months brainstorming ways to improve the membership experience of every person that comes to the shop. We’ve taken the comments of current members and combined them with some ideas of our own to develop what we think is an exciting new era for Revolutions.

Some of the changes we’ve already implemented: Our new Orientation Class began this past spring and has been very successful in helping prospective members better understand the various benefits that membership brings. Now orientation classes will occur every other week and will alternate between Sundays and Thursdays to help folks that couldn’t make it on the weekend! Orientation was just the beginning, though, as we were already working on the next changes when it went live.


First, you’ll notice the new look to the website and the branding. Keep coming back to visit the website as we strive to give you more information about the services that Revolutions offers and how you can get involved. One of our favorite new features is the calendar – now you can know when Revolutions is open and what program is going on well in advance.

We’ve set up a Twitter account and linked it to our website and Facebook page. Now, consistent information about the happenings of Revolutions will be delivered across whatever platform you use. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page so you can stay connected.

Second, you’ll find that we’ve been working hard to bring more benefits to the membership program:

  1. New Open Shop Hours for those last minute repairs;
  2. Regularly scheduled educational Classes for in-depth discussions about bicycle mechanics;
  3. Special member-only events and promotions celebrating the bicycling community we’re working hard to create.

We’re rolling some of these new benefits out immediately, some will come online and take shape over the next six months, and others we haven’t even mentioned yet are in the works. Trust me, this is a great time to be a Revolutions member!

Finally, we tweaked our Earn-A-Bike program slightly by separating it from the total membership experience. Now, the program will be more flexible for persons that want to get access to the tools and parts at Revolutions, but don’t necessarily want to build a new bike for themselves. The option still exists, but now the membership program can accommodate more casual users of the shop and not just those wanting to make the entire time commitment needed to walk away with a refurbished bike. Additionally, the Earn-A-Bike program now requires that you first build a bike for someone else before beginning work on your own bike. Revolutions has always been about community and we think this new feature will help us all continue this mission and allow each of members to give back in a unique way.

I don’t think anyone thought eleven years ago that Revolutions Memphis would still be going strong using only a stockpile of broken donated bikes and the willingness of ordinary people to help their neighbor with something as simple as fixing your bike. A lot has changed in the last decade, but Revolutions is still here to help you enjoy cycling in this city as much as we do.

Thanks for your support! Here’s to another great decade of bicycling in Memphis!