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Madison Ave Update

Following this morning’s Public Works committee meeting, Councilwoman Fullilove stated that she wants to move the “discussion item” about Madison Avenue bike lanes to the full council agenda this afternoon. She has been informed by multiple other council members and the city council’s own attorney that there is nothing she can legally do to halt our progress, but she is trying anyway to push for a compromise scheme that would endanger bicyclists and businesses alike.

The full council meeting begins at 3:30pm in the council chambers, located on the first floor of 125 North Main Street. The discussion item will be added at the end of the meeting, following their regular business.

Everyone’s support at this morning’s committee meeting was very meaningful and DID make a difference. (Special shout-out to Kelly Johnson from Molly’s La Casita for her passionate defense of a bike-friendly Memphis!) If you can join us this afternoon, or if you know anybody who can, please be there. You will have an opportunity to address the entire council, on record, as to why dedicated bike lanes are vital to the physical and economic health of Memphis. Right now this public dialog is still dominated by a small cadre of opponents who do not reflect the will of our community. Your presence and your voice is still very much needed.

In the meantime, please take a second to contact your council representative (their information can be found here: and keep posting your messages of support to Facebook and Twitter (please tag your posts with #madbikes.)

Please forward this email to everyone you know who cares about this issue. Let me know you have any questions. I hope to see all of you – and many more! – this afternoon at 3:30pm in City Hall.

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